Kelly Lane Primary School

Kelly Lane Primary School , about 16 hours ago

We are hard at work in the resource room! We often use resources and materials that are different from the traditional curriculum. Take a peek at some of the items we have been using for math and ELA lately!

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Colleen Bava, Principal

Colleen Bava, Principal , about 24 hours ago

Granby schools will have an early release today, and no pm PreK.

Kelly Lane Primary School

Kelly Lane Primary School , 6 days ago

We read "Stranger in the Woods" about two children who build a snowman in the forest. They use nuts for the eyes and mouth, a carrot for the nose, birdseed in the hat, and they sprinkle corn around the bottom of the snowman. The animals come to investigate the "stranger in the woods" and find good treats to eat. Our class made a connection between this story and one we read in December called Night Tree. This book is about a family who decorates a tree in the forest every Christmas with popcorn strings, apples, and nuts. The animals who discover this tree also find good treats to eat. We made bird feeders out of pinecones to celebrate these books and to feed our feathered friends.

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Kelly Lane Primary School

Kelly Lane Primary School , 7 days ago

Students in Ms. Iapichino's Spanish classes are presently learning vocabulary related to clothing and other clothing accessories. In addition, they are learning appropriate clothes worn during the winter, spring, summer and fall.

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Kelly Lane Primary School

Kelly Lane Primary School , 13 days ago

"Snaps-off" to all of the poets in Ms. Stone's second grade class! In our new poetry unit students have been exploring strategies, like line breaks, that poets use to write poems. We have been using our five senses to include descriptive literary language!

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