Additional information for Parents & Students pertaining to internet safety at home and off campus

Student web history is logged and devices are tracked centrally by the district technology department. Students and parents can view the most recent web history on the Chromebook by clicking the settings button in the top right corner while logged in (the three horizontal lines), and then clicking on history, or hit CTRL+H.

Resources for Information On Internet Safety for young children

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The term mobile device used in these guidelines denotes mobile phones, laptops, Google Chromebooks, iPod touch, iPad, Android devices, or any other similar mobile device that has the ability to access the internet.

Granby Public School District recognizes that mobile devices are now a part of our student’s culture and way of life and can have considerable value, particularly in relation to academics. It is also recognized that such technology will play a significant part in the education of the 21st century student however; this use must follow agreed rules and guidelines to prevent incidents of inappropriate behavior, classroom disruption, student misuse, and instructional difficulties alike.

In addition to the regulations set forth in the Granby Public Schools Guidelines for One to One Computing the same policies, procedures, and regulations regarding responsible and acceptable use of electronic devices that apply to technology equipment owned by the school district will apply to mobile devices that are brought in by students and used while at school. We expect students to be responsible and to take ownership of their own learning and behavior. This philosophy is nothing new. The school district will provide and educate staff and students regarding responsible use in order to provide for a safe learning environment and we expect no less of our students.

The school district will make every possible effort to ensure a safe learning environment for the student. Students will be expected to take ownership of their learning and act responsibly. Students are expected to follow the guidelines set forth for responsible use at all times. Violators will be held accountable.

IMPORTANT: Accessing the internet through a cellular service while at school by students is strictly forbidden. Students must connect to the Granby Public Schools Wireless Network for internet access at all times while on campus. The district network is content-filtered as required by law. This rule must be enforced. Students who break this rule may face disciplinary action and/or loss of the use of their personal mobile device. 

Applicable Board of Education Policies & Guidelines:


  • cf. 4118.5Acceptable Computer Network Use
    cf. 4118.5Use of Social Media

  • cf. 6141.321 Technology and Instruction Use of Information Facilities and Services

  • cf. 5131.81 Students Possession of Beepers, Paging Devices/Cellular Telephones and Laser Pointers

  • cf. 4118.5 Personnel Right, Responsibilities, and Duties Acceptable Computer Network Use

  • cf. 6141.321 – Technology and Information, Technology and Instruction
    cf. 6141.322 - Web Sites/Pages

  • cf. 5131.911 Students Bullying

  • cf. 5145.5 Sexual Harassment

All Board of Education Policies are located on the CABE website at:

Employees and students are also expected to adhere to any additional regulations set forth by the school.


Please note that when Chromebooks are used off campus internet content is not filtered through the school district’s web filtering system. When used off campus there is a basic level of web filtering built into the student Chromebooks, however this is not as effective as the on-campus filter.

When used off campus student Chromebooks are configure with the following safety features:

  • Google “SafeSearch” is enabled on all Chromebook issued to students. “SafeSearch” provides a basic level of content filtering regardless of the internet connection being used:

  • The district technology department has the ability to track and review recent web activity of any student signed into their Google Apps for Education account.

  • The district has turned off “Guest” account access on student Chromebooks so that students must use their school-issued Google account to sign into the device regardless of where they are accessing the internet.

  • The technology department will work with administration and parents to review any filtering issues and/or safety concerns.