This summer, we hope you find a Universe of Stories during your time away from Wells Road School.  Reading stories gives us a window into the lives of other people, places and times, and can give us mirrors to look at our own lives and feelings.  Enjoy the stories you read and the stories you share with family and friends this summer!

Our schools are partnering with Granby Public Libraries this summer and they have information on reading logs, reading lists, and fun programs to encourage and engage you all summer long.

Of course, we want to hear about the books you read this summer, but we do not have required titles for you.  You may bring a written list (or reading log) with you in September or turn it in at the Granby Public Library.  If you prefer to log your books online, use this link for Granby's Summer Reading Log!

If you'd like ideas about what to read, you can log in to Biblionasium (using your user name and lunch code) and look at the Challenges.  Mrs. Smith's recommendations for third, fourth and fifth grade are there.  You can also find great ideas at BrightlyDoGo Books, or KidsReads.  The New York Public Library published a wonderful list for the Universe of Stories theme which you can find here!

Mrs. Smith will be reading the Nutmeg Books this summer and can't wait to discuss them with you in the fall.  There are two lists for Wells Road students - the Elementary Nutmeg Books and the Intermediate Nutmeg Books.  You can find them at public libraries all over Connecticut!

Have a great summer and Happy Reading!