Welcome to the site for the Granby Memorial Middle School's support staff.

From here you can connect with our school counselors, social worker, and school psychologist; as well as access other content and media that we feel can be helpful to the community during these difficult times.

Connecting with GMMS
Counseling Support.

Community Resources

Students can request a meeting with their school counselor by clicking on the counselor's name below and completing the attached google form (this form can only be completed by using a Granby Public Schools account).

Students and parents can also request a meeting with a school counselor, social worker, or school psychologist by email, or phone.

GMMS support staff will only be responding during typical school hours. If you are in crisis or need immediate help, then please refer to crisis intervention and emergency assistance (call 211 or 911).

Counseling and Student Support Staff

Tim Cunningham
School Counselor for students with last
names beginning with the letters A-J.

Caryn Neff
School Counselor for students with last
names beginning with the letters K-Z.

Lauren Erickson
School Psychologist

Rich Neal 
Social Worker

  • Crisis Intervention and assistance (211): If you call 211 for crisis intervention and are put on hold but need immediate support, please dial 911.
School Counseling Dashboard
Recent Lessons from the School Counseling Department:

Grade 8:
The link below will connect you to a powerpoint presentation about high school options and the recommendation process.

Making a Successful Transition to High School

Counseling Videos
These videos are intended for children to watch with the guidance of an adult if is relevant to what they are experiencing.

Child Anxiety - YouTube

Managing Worry and Anxiety for Kids - YouTube

Controlling Anger Video - YouTube

Getting Along With Others Video - YouTube

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. S8 E4 - YouTube

Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions? - YouTube

What causes anxiety and Depression - Inside Out - YouTube

Keep Your Hands to Yourself S3 E20 - YouTube

Use Polite Words (Signing Savvy) S3 E23 - YouTube

Hands Are Not For Hitting S6 E11 - YouTube

Anxiety Disorder a kids perspective - YouTube

Rethinking anxiety: Learning to face fear | Dawn Huebner | TEDxAmoskeagMillyardWomen - YouTube
Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind - YouTube

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine - YouTube
Anxiety management for kids - YouTube
How To Overcome Fear - Best Educational Animation Video For Kids - YouTube

Be a Whole Body Listener | Jack Hartmann - YouTube

Inside Out - Emotional Maturity - YouTube

The Social Norm - YouTube

A to Z of coping strategies - YouTube

Coping with Stress - YouTube

Coping with teenage STRESS - YouTube

How Exercise Affects Your Body and Mind - YouTube

Exercise and mental health - YouTube

How Exercise Affects Your Brain - YouTube

Mindful Minutes