Questions to ask yourself while reading through the assignment guidelines:

  1. What guidelines or restrictions are there for your choice of topic?
  2. Are there any interim deadlines before the entire project is due?
  3. Can you get feedback on an outline or draft from your instructor?
  4. Who will be reading your paper?
  5. How long should it be?
  6. What quantity and variety of sources should you aim for?
  7. What bibliographic style should you use? MLA? APA? Chicago?
  8. Can you see exemplar reports for guidance?
  9. Is there a speaking portion to the assignment?
  10. If so, how long will you need to speak for?
  11. What sort of handouts or projections does your teacher recommend?
  12. Can you use notes or should the talk be memorized?
George, Mary W. The Elements of Library Research. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2008

Assignment Calculator: Plug in the due date and the type of project and it will break down the steps and when you should complete them.