AFS Club
Advisor: Ms. Jacques & Mr. Kearns

The AFS Club is affiliated with the AFS Intercultural Programs International organization whose goal is to promote world peace through exchange opportunities for students. The club welcomes and supports exchange students at GMHS, encourages GMHS students to participate in exchange, and holds a variety of activities which focus on interaction with people, schools and communities outside Granby. The goal is to provide experiences and intercultural interactions which will enhance GMHS students’ understanding of others. Activities vary from year to year but have included hosting International Weekends, socials, domestic inter-community exchange, foreign travel, service activities, day-trips to culturally interesting destinations and fund-raising to support the club’s activities. Meetings are scheduled as needed after school in room 1216 (usually weekly during first quarter). Days are alternated to accommodate student availability.

Art Club
Advisor: Ms. Ransom

Art Club offers an opportunity to fill the creative needs for the “once in a while artist” to the “I just have to make art”-artist. Elected officers run the club which by doing a variety of activities from structured lessons, open studio, visiting artist’s talks to bake sale fund raisers for the Visual Arts Scholarship, the Art Club hopes to bring a little bit of art to everyone.

Best Buddies International
Advisor: Ms. David

Best Buddies is a growing movement of people with and without disabilities dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to have a friend and participate in social activities. We meet weekly as a group and enjoy after school and weekend activities together such as bowling, miniature golf, pizza, and dances. We join with other local chapters for more fun and friendship! Please see Ms. David for meeting times and location.

Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. Gotberg

The Chess Club is open to all students interested in learning chess or improving their play. As the club’s goals are simple – to provide a venue for players to play while increasing student appreciation of chess – attendance is voluntary and students are encouraged to bring friends. The Chess Club has regular weekly meetings.

Advisor: Mr. Stanwood & Ms. Clark

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Members have the opportunity to participate and compete in DECA's competitive events series earning awards and scholarships at both the state and international levels.

Drama Club
Advisor: Nikki Currie-Huggard & Ms. Burke

The Drama Club is open to all students that wish to participate in all aspects of theatre - acting, set design, lighting design, sound design, directing, stage managing, run crew. The Drama Club produces two theatrical performances a year, a fall play and a winter musical. Auditions are held in September for the fall production and in December for the winter musical. The Drama Club is a great way to meet people, explore the creative process of theatre, and have a fun time.

Environmental Club
Advisors: Ms.Burke

The Environmental Club meets every Monday after school in Room 3210. Get involved with our upcoming projects for this school year including, trail clean-ups at Holcomb Farm, Clean-Up Blitzes at school, collecting/recycling bottles and cans, reducing energy usage at the school, and fund raising activities. This is a great way to learn more about the environment, spend some time outside, earn community service hours, or just meet new people. New members are always welcome!

Film Club
Advisors: Mr. Scudder

The Film Club offers an opportunity for students to view a wide range of films. By providing an environment in which to discuss and analyze various film genres, film styles and filming techniques, students broaden their film knowledge, while simultaneously relaxing from a busy day of academics. Film Club meets for one hour ever week as scheduled and will view on average 10 films. No previous knowledge is required, just a love of film and popcorn.

French Exchange
Advisor: Madame Godard

Students are encouraged to sign up to host visiting French students from our sister school in France, le Lycée Alexandra David Neel. Many fun activities are planned and it’s a great way to make friends with a teenager from another country. Meetings will be held in room 2118.

Homework Club
Advisor: Ms. David

Looking for a quiet and more structured place to do your homework after school? Join our Homework Club! Our club meets in Room 2119, Monday through Thursday, 2:30 to 3:30 PM. Please feel free to drop in whenever you’d like! All are welcome.

Horticulture Club
Advisor: Mr. Roes & Ms. Heath

Students interested in plants, gardening, and the natural world may be interested in joining the Horticulture Club. Meetings are held weekly in the greenhouse. Projects include growing vegetables and annuals from seed, cultivating hanging baskets, propagation of house plants, floral arranging, making of corsages, and collaborating with the YMCA on a nutritious foods initiative. Join Horticulture Club – it will grow on you!

Knitting & Crochet Club
Advisors: Ms. Bressem

The Knitting & Crochet Club is open and welcome to all levels of students interested in learning and improving their skills in the fiber arts. It doesn't matter if you're a total beginner or very experienced! Students meet on a weekly basis to create hand-made crafts to learn, connect, craft and donate to local charities. Don't worry, students get to craft for themselves as well! All are encouraged to come with friends to each after school meeting.

Leo Club
Advisors: Ms. Jacques

The objective of the Leo Club is to provide the youth of the world (with) an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community. The Leo club is a place where you can develop leadership skills by participating in community service activities. We are sponsored by the local Lions club and we conduct various fundraising and service projects throughout the year. The meetings are held every other Friday morning at 7:15 in Room 1330, and all are always welcome. Check the school calendar for the meeting schedule.

Math League
Advisor: Mr. Coxon

On the second Tuesday of the month a meeting is held in room 2216 with Mr. Coxon. Each session is 30 minutes and six examples from many different math topics can be attempted. Come join us!

Model UN
Advisor: Mr. Scudder

Enjoy learning about what’s going on in the world – the world outside of Granby? So do we! We’re Model U.N. We seek to promote students' understanding of the global community and the important role diplomacy plays in encouraging the peaceful resolution of global conflicts. We participate with area high schools in mock United Nations conferences to solve global problems. Please join us on Thursdays in the Fall in Mr. Scudder’s room (1327) from 2:30-4.

National Honor Society
Advisors: Ms. Paton and Ms. Heath

The National Honor Society, a high school organization established and chartered by the National Association of Secondary School Principals since 1921, gives recognition to outstanding students on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character as exhibited in the school and community. While the principal reserves the right to approve all activities and decisions of the chapter, the advisers are responsible for the day-to-day supervision. The faculty council, appointed by the principal, establishes, implements, and reviews selection and dismissal procedures. The Granby Chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 1958. Eligible students are selected for membership by a majority vote of the faculty council, after consultation with the faculty, on the basis of leadership, service, and character. Members, during their senior year, may be eligible to be nominated to compete in the National Honor Society Scholarship Awards’ Program. Scholarships may be used at an accredited university, college, or junior college for tuition, fees, room and board, and books and supplies. For more details, visit the Granby Memorial High School NHS website: http://gmhsnhs.weebly.com

Newspaper Club
Advisors: Ms. Buda and Madame Richmond-Godard

The GMHS Newspaper Club provides students with their own voice in the school community. Students on the newspaper staff meet regularly to plan, write, edit, layout, and produce The Bear Beacon several times per year. Students are involved in all aspects of newspaper production including attaining advertisers, interviewing, photography, and page design. We welcome new members. Please see the advisors for meeting dates and times.

Online Journal Club- Ursum Literary Magazine
Advisor: Ms. LaPlante

The Ursum Literary Journal is the school publication of student and staff creative writing and artwork. Club members collect submissions from their classmates and make editorial decisions about what is published in each issue. Students design the magazine from start to finish, and it is published online once a semester. Meets Tuesdays after school in the Media Center.

Poetry Club
Advisor: Ms. Quinn

In Poetry Club, members will be introduced to a variety of authors and styles of poetry. Students can read, write, share, discuss, listen to, and recite poetry. Students have input and choice of what approach they are interested in taking toward poetry and how they would like to explore poetry. Poetry is a great platform for open discussion and the club meetings will give students an opportunity to become more comfortable with public speaking and creative writing.

Advisor: Ms. Bastiaanse

Robotics Club, Team 3146, the Granby Grunts. Typically meets 1 time per week in the evening in the fall. During our competitive build season, the months of January and February, the team may meet 3 times during the week and also some weekends. We understand this is a big time commitment and realize not all students can attend every meeting. For the months of March meetings will be two times per week until the regional competition(s). Meetings are held in the wood shop and/or the school computer lab(s). The team also participates in some off-season activities, such as the Memorial Day Parade, Senior Men’s Breakfast, demonstrations at the Bradley Air Museum and Celebrate Granby. For more info contact us at granbyrobotics@gmail.com.

Advisor: Ms. Kudish

SAFE (Sexual Acceptance for Everyone) is a group of students who raise awareness about sexual orientation and gender identity so that all members of the GMHS community feel welcome and are treated respectfully. They attend conferences, conduct awareness days, invite speakers, and provide resources. All are welcome. Meetings are held every other Friday in room 1225.

Spanish Exchange
Advisor: Ms. Magennis

The Spain Exchange is an educational family home stay exchange program that lasts from one to two weeks in each country. It is an affordable way for Spanish students and our students to truly engage in the study of the English and Spanish languages while enriching themselves through a fascinating cultural experience. The exchange program is with Santa María del Mar, a private prestigious Jesuit high school in La Coruña, Galicia, Spain. We are using the company, Adastra, based in Galicia, Spain.

Spanish Honor Society
Advisors: Señora Magennis

The Spanish Honor Society is composed of Spanish students that have been inducted into the local and national honor society for their high academic achievements in Spanish. As members, they are compelled to spread the enthusiasm for the language through service to the community and world. Activities in the past have been caroling and Bingo at Meadowbrook of Granby, support for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, participating in events with our Spanish exchange students, having a dinner and conversation with other Spanish speakers and supporting our World Language scholarship with coffee and pizza sales.

Student Government
Advisors: Ms. LaPlante and Ms. Bastiaanse

The purpose of Student Government is to develop activities that promote school pride, community involvement, provide a forum for student expression, act as a liaison to school administration, provide orderly direction of school activities, and promote the general welfare of the school. Some of the activities the organization hosts include Holly Ball, blood drives and the Homecoming and Spring Fling dances. Student Government has several meetings a month. The Executive Board meetings occur once a week before PLC. Thursday mornings during PLC there is an open forum meeting that is open to all students.

Teen Battle Chef
Advisor – Ms. Jacques

Teen Battle Chef empowers youth to challenge themselves on a skills level while practicing being part of team effort. Young people develop leadership, teamwork, and culinary skills as well as gain nutrition knowledge and a new appreciation for diverse, healthy and sustainably-produced food. In addition they learn about the food system and how they can play a role to help their friends and family make healthier food choices to prevent unhealthy weight and associated diseases. We also help out in the community and complete with several area high schools. Meets Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:00

Weightlifting Club
Advisor: Mr. Barnett

The Weightlifting Club is open to all students who are interested in improving personal strength, improving personal endurance, remaining competitive during an off-season, or losing weight. Students must first participate in an introduction which reviews the equipment and how to use each piece properly as well as safely. Students can then design their own program or be guided through a weekly or daily program that best incorporates the equipment to meet their goals. The club meets in the weight room after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2:30 - 3:45.

Young Educators’ Society (YES)
Advisor: Ms. Iapichino

The YES Club is open to all students interested in pursuing a career in teaching. This club meets in room 2112 the first Friday of the month at 7:00 am with Mrs. Iapichino. Students are invited to participate in the YES Club Conference held at Eastern Connecticut State University in May. Some activities include: shadow a teacher, maintain a bulletin board, volunteer for the Homework Club, read to younger students, act as a teacher assistant, and celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day.

For further information regarding any of the club activities, contact the club advisor or Brian Maltese, Athletic Director and Student Activities Coordinator at (860) 844-3020 or malteseb@granby.k12.ct.us